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      1. 范圍



      2. 規范性引用文件


      GB/T 151072005 旅游鞋

      GB/T 167991997 家具用皮革

      QB/T 10022005 皮鞋

      QB/T 1470-1992 出口皮鞋、皮拖鞋與室內皮便鞋

      QB/T 13321991 公文箱

      QB/T 13332004 背提包

      QB/T 15832005 皮制手套號型

      QB/T 15842005 日用皮手套

      QB/T 16152006 皮革服裝

      QB/T 16182006 皮腰帶

      QB/T 16192006 票夾

      QB/T 21552004 旅行箱包

      QB/T 22771996 公事包

      QB/T 28222006 毛皮服裝

      3. 術語和定義


      真皮標志 Genuine Leather Mark


      4. 分類





      5. 要求

      5.1 面料


      5.2 質量


      皮革服裝、毛革兩用服裝應符合QB/T 16152006合格品的要求。

      毛皮服裝應符合QB/T 28222006合格品的要求。

      皮鞋應符合QB/T 10022005合格品的要求。

      旅游鞋應符合GB/T 151072005合格品的要求。


      背提包應符合QB/T 13332004合格品的要求。

      旅行箱包應符合QB/T 21552004合格品的要求。

      皮票夾應符合QB/T 16192006合格品的要求。

      皮腰帶應符合QB/T 16182006合格品的要求。

      皮手套應符合QB/T 15842005 合格品的要求。

      皮家具應符合GB/T 167991997 合格品的要求。

      6 合格判定

      6.1 單件產品合格判定按質量要求引用標準中對應的單件產品合格品判定規則判定。

      6.2 批量產品合格判定按質量要求引用標準中對應的批量產品合格品判定規則判定。

      7. 真皮標志標牌


      真皮標志標牌分A型(7.0cm×10.0cm)和B(3.5cm×7.0cm) 兩種規格。

      7.2 真皮標志標牌的使用





      8. 售后服務









      9. 包裝、運輸和貯存




      1. Scope

      This specified standard defines the requirements of Genuine Leather Mark Products

      (referred to as ‘GLM’ thereafter), their technical qualification, labelling, after-sales

      service, packaging and transportation etc.

      This standard applies specifically to products such as leather garments, leather footwear,leather-goods and leather upholstery, made of grain leather and genuine furs.

      2. Normative references

      The provisions and items hereto shall, through reference in the specification, be deemed to be construed as part of this specification. Regarding dated references, subsequent amend-ments to, or revision of, any of these publications apply to this GLM Standard only when incorporated in it by amendments or revision. For undated references, the latest edition of the published doctunents will apply.

      GB/T 15107 — 2005 Sports shoes (trainers)

      GB/T 16799 — 1997 Upholstery leathers

      QB/T 1002 — 2005 Leather shoes

      QB/T 1470 — 1992 Leather shoes, leather slippers and indoor moccasins

      Slippers of export type

      QB/T 1332 — 1991 Attaché cases

      QB/T 1333 — 2004 Rucksacks and handbags

      QB/T 1583 — 2005 Leather gloves

      QB/T 1584 — 2005 Daily dress leather gloves

      QB/T 1615 — 2006 Leather garments

      QB/T 1618 — 2006 Leather belts

      QB/T 1619 — 2006 Wallets

      QB/T 2155 — 2004 Travelling suitcases

      QB/T 2277 — 1996 Briefcases

      QB/T 2822 — 2006 Fur garments

      3. Glossary and De?nition

      Following glossaries and definitions are applied to the Standard:

      Genuine Leather Mark (GLM)

      Genuine Leather Mark (GLM), is a symbol of leather products from middle to high quality, and a certified trademark registered by China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

      It applies to products such as leather footwear, leather garments, and leather goods made of grain leather, and genuine furs.

      Any products awarded with the GLM certification should demonstrate three characteristics as follows:

      1) They are made of grain leather or genuine furs;

      2) They are premium products of middle to high quality;

      3) They come With a reputable after-sales service;

      4. Category

      GLM products generally cover three main categories: Leather garments, Leather footwear,

      Leather goods.

      Leather garments: gannents made of leather or fur including double face.

      Leather footwear: leather shoes, sports shoes, leather slippers, moccasins slippers, etc.

      Leathergoods: leather handbags, leather travel cases, bags and rucksacks, leather wallets, leather belts, leather gloves, leather or fur ornamented articles and leather accessories.

      5. Requirements

      5.1 Main materials

      The main materials of any GLM products should be of grain leather, genuine fur or double-face. Each GLM product should contain minimum 90% or more of the above-mentioned materials.

      5.2 Quality Standard

      All GLM products must be of Grade “A” products. (Not seconds)

      Each product must comply with the standards as detailed in the table 1:

      Table 1



      Leather garments of full grain/double face

      QB/T1615 — 2006

      Fur garments

      QB/T2822 — 2006

      Leather shoes

      QB/T1002 — 2005

      Sports shoes (Trainers)

      GB/T 15107 — 2005

      Leather slippers and indoor moccasins slippers

      QB/T 1470 — 1992

      Handbags and shoulder bags

      QB/T 1333 — 2004

      Traveling cases and bags

      QB/T 2155 — 2004

      Leather wallets

      QB/T 1619 — 2006

      Leather belts

      QB/T 1618 — 2006

      Leather gloves

      QB/T 1584 — 2005

      Leather furniture

      QB/T 16799 — 1997

      6. Quali?cation

      The qualification of an individual/batch GLM leather product (s) must be judged by its corresponding national quality standard.

      7. Genuine Leather Mark (GLM) Label

      7.1 Specification of the GLM label

      There are two types of official GLM labels: Type A (7.0cmX l0.0cm) , Type B (3.5cmX7.0cm) .

      7.2 Application 0fGLM

      Type A is applicable to large leather products such as leather garments and leather goods.

      Type B is applicable to leather shoes and other small leather goods.

      7.3 Labelling of GLM

      GLM label must be carried along side its product descriptions label.

      8. After-sales service of products

      8.1 Term of after-sales service

      All GLM products should carry a minimum guarantee of 3 months after the date of sale.

      8.2 Comprehensive arbitration

      8.2.1 Any faults appeared during the 3 months guarantee period, under normal

      consumption should be considered as faulty product.

      8.2.2 Any faults appeared during the 3 months guarantee period, under abnormal

      consumption, shall not be considered as faulty product.

      8.3 Dealing with faulty products

      Any faulty product will be dealt with according to after-sales service regulations of either the manufacturers’ or retailers’ .

      9. Packaging, transportation and storage

      The standard of packaging, transportation and storage of all GLM products should comply with the requirement of their corresponding quality standards.




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